Friday, March 13, 2009

Quantum Physics and What the Bleep

I've been watching What the Bleep Do We Know. Down the Rabbit Hole quite a bit lately. The Down the Rabbit Hole version is the three disk expanded version of the original What the Bleep. I find it possible to watch the video over and over again. The concepts are really deep and worthy of long contemplation. The implications of quantum theory really turn our world upside down. I won't go into detail here now.

I haven't blogged in a long time. But I'm starting up again now. I've been working on starting a weekly email newsletter and getting back to my website. As we shift from the old energy world, characterized by high unemployment and crisis in our financial institutions, a new way is coming into being. I'm reconnecting with the knowledge of my life's purpose or mission. On the topic of life purpose, I recently read Secrets of the Light by Dannion Brinkley. In the book, he tells of three different near death experiences that have radically changed his life. But one of the points he makes, is that we all have a life purpose or a life mission we come to earth. My life's purpose, I feel strongly has to do with teaching people about the new energy, the new world or the evolution of consciousness we are going through.

There is so much there.


Karolen said...

thanks for letting me know about Down the Rabbit Hole! I will check it out!

eM said...

We've own the Quantum Addition and have been watching it again lately too! Always good to keep these reminders around.

Glad you're back to blogging!