Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blessings of a Quiet Afternoon's Meditation

It can be a rare experience. But a welcome one when the ideal conditions combine to create an optimal meditative experience. Life has slowed down, no crisis to attend to. The weather is nice and sunny. The guy with the loud bass in the neighborhood is not around. I'm home alone and spend the afternoon outside with my meditation cushion. The subtle qualities of life suddenly magnify in their beauty.

It was as if nature began a pageantry of dance and song to celebrate the meditative state. The hummingbirds buzzed to the feeder, back and forth. Distant traffic noises provided a background hum. For a while, someone was bouncing a basketball in the neighborhood. The sun's rays seemed to dance on my face and arms, mitigated by the occasional light cool breeze. The air smelled fresh with a sweet hint of the blossoming honeysuckle. A bird or some other small creature rustled the leaves near the back fence. The sun moved ever so slowly closer to the horizon. It is truly a blessing to experience the stillness of the day. To have the conditions right for this experience, is like having the conditions right to form a rainbow.

I express my gratitude for life today.

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Karolen said...

i know those perfect moments in life, they are so magical. thanks for sharing.