Monday, April 13, 2009

My Soul Calls Me to the Hammock

Today was an unusual day. I woke up and took care of my usual business of the morning, which on this morning included going to the post office. When I got back, I sat again at my desk and communed with the computer. I wasn't sure what I should do next. I felt surely I must do something productive, but lack of inspiration held me back. Instead I just felt this tension and anxiety about needing to "do" something versus needing to just be still. Only, I didn't really know that's what it was at the time.

I made my way outside. It was a beautiful sunny day today and the temperature was warm. I felt I should do some tidying up of the yard, which I did. "I get too cerebral," I thought. Getting outside and doing something more physical was a good balance. But eventually even the outdoor activity slowed. I was coming into better alignment. I sat in a chair for a while, soaking up the sun. Then the hammock called me. I laid in the hammock for a good long time.

I mean, once i got to the hammock, my senses became more keenly aware. I looked at the yard and the house, like it was some painting in a museum. I noticed the details of the house. The trim around one of the exterior doors had some paint cracking off down at the bottom. Presumably the bottom gets exposed to more wet weather. Everything was a brilliantly sun lit against a bright blue sky. I stared into the sky for a while.

It was as though my sense of hearing took me to another world as well. The birds became like I was hearing them all day long. I slipped into the bird world. My mind and spirit was at peace. This was much different than how I felt in front of my computer just a little while ago.

Was it a divine juxtaposition? Or, perhaps I was slipping into a new dimensional reality, from stepping out of another. However it may be interpreted, today I experienced a shift in consciousness. One world seemed like an old three dimensional reality filled with tension, anxiety, and the feeling of never having enough. The next world was as if a crowning moment of consciousness. There was a fullness of spirit and abundance of the moment -- clear, conscious and satisfied with the day. And it makes me wonder, is this a key or clue to where we are wanting to go? Did I just experience a small stepping stone towards the New Earth?

I would certainly hope and want to believe that the New Earth brings us to a much more peaceful state of being. The New Earth is characterized by people becoming more centered in finding their abundance as an inner resource. The old 3-D reality seeks to make us depend on us selling our time and labor, often at the expense of never truly knowing who we are or being who we are. A New Earth fills people with radical spiritual abundance as a part of learning how to integrate into a higher dimensional reality. It is a wonderful new way of being. I'm very grateful for my time in the hammock today.

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