Thursday, April 23, 2009

All My Dreams Are Coming True

I feel like I've been living in a wonderland lately. Not a fantasy land, because that would almost imply that it isn't real. But if it is a fantasy land in which your dream come true, then I may be living one. Basically I've been feeling really great lately. Everything in my life seems really good. Have I finally arrived? I would love to think I have, and won't entertain any thought of things going wrong any time soon. I'm going to keep going with what I've got.

I don't know if I even want to put it into words, but one thing that is happening is that I've just completed an ebook. I'm not ready to announce what it is, but I feel really good about my accomplishment. It's out to the editors now (a few close friends who are helping me out). And soon I will be ready to market it online. Whatever happens, I feel this is going to be a great experience. I look forward to creating my next ebook after that.

Otherwise, I'm really happy with everything else in my life right now. I love my home, it really supports my creative and contemplative life. It's a beautiful place to live actually. I go and work out at the spa almost everyday. All these young kids were hanging out with me today. I don't know what they see in me. Am I radiating some kind of light these days? I do go to church, sometimes twice a week. I'm a bono-fide confirmed Episcopalian. It was the process of Easter that also seemed to bring about an ascension in me.

Well, anyway. Another day of happiness. I am so grateful.

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