Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Importance of Galactic Consciousness

We are in a time period according to the Mayan Calendar in which our consciousness as a society is evolving. At this particular period we are evolving towards greater galactic consciousness. The answer to many of the problems and events that are occurring right now lie in galactic consciousness and the ability for human beings to turn their thoughts to our galaxy and the earth's relationship to it.

Furthermore: The shadow side of the psyche seems to be dominant in our culture, in our social institutions such as government and politics. As we make this shift in consciousness as a society, ethics will be emphasized. A new day will dawn in the minds of the people to create a reality of the light.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happiness attracts Abundance

Seek happiness in your life first. Then finding what makes you happy, you draw your abundance to you. This I believe is an important insight or secret to living life well.

Do you struggle with your work, what you are doing each day just to make a living? I know the feeling. I've lived my life that way for much of the past. I have friends who struggle with the same issue. It takes courage to stretch, grow and expand in new ways. And that is exactly what I've concluded that I want for myself. The half measure of just working some job to make ends meet is no longer satisfactory. Such a way is no longer a life worth living. But living a life of happiness, ease and connectedness to a truer inner purpose is a life worth living. I'm determined to live that life now. It is important to put happiness first, and through that happiness draw your abundance to you.

Many of us do whatever is needed to get by and imagine happiness coming some day in the future. We'll be happy in the evening after work. We'll be happy on the weekend. We'll be happy during holidays or vacations. But what inevitably happens is that we become wounded in some way during our wrong livelihood that we spend our time off trying to recover. While some people are better able to partition their work and personal lives, others find that too difficult to do. The key is finding work, perhaps creative self-employment that more fully represents the deeper, inner self. Learning too, to trust this way of being is another step. As we seek our happiness and what we desire in our lives, we must also believe that the universe will conspire to support us and give us the things we desire. I believe this is true. It requires a commitment to a path of inner happiness.

This is crucial to help affect a change in society's consciousness. Learning to become who we truly are, is not something taught in school unless you have had extraordinary teachers. When we live our lives centered on the inner truth of who we really are, then we are prepared for true growth. Being still and listening within can activate focus, inspiration and intuition. We can learn to access a vast reservoir of inner resources growing from our center of being. This is a part of awakening to greater dimensions. When we focus only on the apparent three-dimensions then we limit ourselves, our options and possibilities. Opening to the deeper core of our being, we brush close to infinity and the power of creation, which is within and available to each one of us.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Eclipse Energy - Choose Your Direction

I'm working with and applying what is now popularly known as the Law of Attraction. Previously I've been calling it conscious creation, but it is using the same principle. That is what we think about and feel is what we bring into our experience. It is how we create our reality. It is an expansive learning time for me. One of the lessons for me is not just on the visualization process and feeling good about what it is that we want, but to also to be clear to choose that which we want. You have to be aware that life may present options for you that are not in alignment with what it is that you are truly wanting. We easily fall back into our all familiar paradigms and unconscious programming. For example if all we know is working an hourly wage job to make a living, we might find a job tempting. But on the other hand, if we are firm and committed to our vision, to living in alignment with our highest self, we might just say no to the job! As Jack Canfield says, we have to learn to say no to the good, so that we can say yes to the great!

The eclipse energy is a time of accelerated change and transformation. (One of my earlier blog entries goes into further detail about eclipses.) I believe right now, this month with the eclipses and the spring equinox happening, it is an opportunity for transformation. Is there some dream or vision that you have for yourself? Is there a change in your life that you've always wanted to make but were afraid to do so? These energies this month may present opportunities for you to do so. It is important to have faith in our selves, in our core true happiness. Choosing an old pattern again maybe a sign of a depressed person, someone not feeling very hopeful or happy. But the person who is more in tune, or in alignment with their higher selves will feel a sense of confidence to move in the direction of their dreams. Meditation can help, as I found new inspiration in my meditation this morning. By letting go, and simply being we invite in the possibility of inspiration on how to most effectively follow our bliss.

There is a global shift happening. I believe it is true. Many of us already have one foot in the door, and are holding it open to allow others to come through. In that, I see myself coming to a point of fruition. For much of my life I sought an understanding of who I am and what it is that I'm supposed to do. Now it seems to be manifesting. It feels right as I hold on to my personal vision as someone who is a counselor, teacher, mystic and writer. I'm saying no to that which is not me, and saying yes to following my bliss. Nothing else could be more true.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Inspired again - Feeling Good

One of the most important lessons seems to be that it is necessary to feel good. Necessary to really manifest the good things we want in life. Since one of the themes of this blog has been about conscious creation, or the law or attraction, I really want to express this latest insight. It may not seem like a new insight, given that most of us want to feel good. We make a lot of decisions everyday based on wanting to feel good. So what is the big insight? For one, realizing that feeling good is a choice. In the past, I've really hated hearing that. It just seems that circumstances are out of my control and I can't just feel good about them. So, I've also learned to no longer be the victim. In this light, feeling good is a choice, and I've got to have faith in that place inside of me. That is where I'm supposed to be. Perhaps this is closely akin to "follow your bliss." In my situation I feel I have no choice but to choose happiness.

My last blog entry was about being uninspired. I was working a job that seemed to zap all of my energy, mostly emotional energy. I had no joy or life outside of that. Social events were half measures and I could never really enjoy the weekend. I'm sure a lot of people are stuck in this kind of situation. I was not aligned with my true self. I was shut down from my joy. Thankfully the job ended six weeks ago. Since then I've taken a trip to Florida. I visited an old college friend and spent time with family. I healed and have begun to feel good again. I never want to do anything that doesn't make me feel good again. And I believe that if we really truly stick to this, then all will be provided for. It is like the scripture, "Seek first the kingdom of heaven, and all else will be added unto you." This is a major spiritual lesson. We must first choose that goodness within ourselves, remain dedicated to it, and all else will be granted. It is looking to make the world on the inside good first, then the world outside will reflect that. I truly believe that.

I take walks again and enjoy nature. I listen to the birds, really hear them now. I'm activily engaged in learning and growing. I am connected with my true self. This is something that I can never forego again in the future. I'm now in touch with my creativity, and that is where we are supposed to be.