Sunday, February 25, 2007

Inspired again - Feeling Good

One of the most important lessons seems to be that it is necessary to feel good. Necessary to really manifest the good things we want in life. Since one of the themes of this blog has been about conscious creation, or the law or attraction, I really want to express this latest insight. It may not seem like a new insight, given that most of us want to feel good. We make a lot of decisions everyday based on wanting to feel good. So what is the big insight? For one, realizing that feeling good is a choice. In the past, I've really hated hearing that. It just seems that circumstances are out of my control and I can't just feel good about them. So, I've also learned to no longer be the victim. In this light, feeling good is a choice, and I've got to have faith in that place inside of me. That is where I'm supposed to be. Perhaps this is closely akin to "follow your bliss." In my situation I feel I have no choice but to choose happiness.

My last blog entry was about being uninspired. I was working a job that seemed to zap all of my energy, mostly emotional energy. I had no joy or life outside of that. Social events were half measures and I could never really enjoy the weekend. I'm sure a lot of people are stuck in this kind of situation. I was not aligned with my true self. I was shut down from my joy. Thankfully the job ended six weeks ago. Since then I've taken a trip to Florida. I visited an old college friend and spent time with family. I healed and have begun to feel good again. I never want to do anything that doesn't make me feel good again. And I believe that if we really truly stick to this, then all will be provided for. It is like the scripture, "Seek first the kingdom of heaven, and all else will be added unto you." This is a major spiritual lesson. We must first choose that goodness within ourselves, remain dedicated to it, and all else will be granted. It is looking to make the world on the inside good first, then the world outside will reflect that. I truly believe that.

I take walks again and enjoy nature. I listen to the birds, really hear them now. I'm activily engaged in learning and growing. I am connected with my true self. This is something that I can never forego again in the future. I'm now in touch with my creativity, and that is where we are supposed to be.

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