Saturday, March 14, 2009

New World Order?

Changes are happening on our planet. Perhaps there is a group of elite people who are seeking to dominate, finally consolidate control. It's good to be aware of, as explained in the video below. I think any attempt at world domination will fail. This is a time for people to wake up from the old power structures, as we now see them failing. I believe a new consciousness will be born, where the power is with the people. I prefer to keep my thoughts, imagination and energy on creating a positive vision for the future.


Anonymous said...

So why post fear? I thought this is a quantum blog?

Blue Spectral Eagle said...

I understand your question. The main point of this blog is to encourage people to hold a positive vision for the future, which has been the bulk of my posting so far. I'll likely continue in the positive theme. But occasionally I am fascinated by the darker side of things, just for a bit. It is good to be aware, I think.