Monday, March 16, 2009

Create Your Day - Conscious Attention

As I start each day, I bring awareness to my thoughts and emotions, as they are, lying in bed soon after my eyes open. If you do that, you are more awake and conscious than most people. And, if you bring your deliberate consciousness, mindfulness to your experience throughout the day, you are very skilled indeed. It is an important part of consciousness evolution. And if you are conscious of your experience first thing in the morning, the right gentle effort to change it can affect your whole day.

Humanity has been in a dark age for some time now. Most people have been simply in survival mode, waking up each day, hurriedly, keeping busy going to work to just manage to pay the bills. It has been much like this for centuries. But a new evolution in human consciousness will begin when more and more people cultivate consciousness. And there are several simple techniques available for doing just that. Giving conscious attention to our thoughts and emotions upon awakening is one of them.

Other techniques can be applied generally through our creative process. Do you write, paint, play music or sing? The creative arts are an excellent opportunity to cultivate consciousness. Through our awareness the creative medium can be used to shape our reality. Suppose you woke up every morning and drew a picture of how you wanted your day to be, or of something you wanted? Your creative powers will begin to help manifest exactly that thing you are focusing on.

Think about it. There is really a bit of urgency, to developing mindful awareness. But remember to do it with compassion and care for yourself. Here lies the key to awakening.

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Michael said...

I was thirsty for this awareness.