Friday, August 22, 2008

The Past Eclipses and The Shadow

This past weekend on Saturday, August 16th, we experienced a lunar eclipse. Previous blog posts have gone into details about eclipses. Astrologically eclipses are times of quickening and change. And eclipses tend to come in pairs with a solar eclipse and lunar eclipse occurring two weeks apart on a new and full moon. Sometimes the effects of an eclipse can occur the moon before or the moon after. Several astrology writers reported that this full moon lunar eclipse would bring about an experience of the shadow side of things. I believe this has certainly happened for me.

Before I get into the shadowy features of my experience for the past full moon, sometime eclipses bring about the entrance or exit of persons in our lives. The last full moon brought the exit of my boss, one moon before the lunar eclipse, as I am no longer working for the company that I was. Just recently, within the past few days during the time of the lunar eclipse, my brother lost his cat while at the same time I gained a new cat or kitten within my home. If you would like to read about that story, it is available here.

It could be that living in Sedona that we experience the earth's energies more intensely than other places on the earth. Ask anyone who lives here who is to any degree into evolving consciousness and they will likely tell you the same thing. Sedona is a place of intensified energy. People come here for a vacation and love it. People come here to live and find they are being "cooked" by the energy. One friend calls it spiritual graduate school. Not everyone here experiences the energy in exactly the same way, but nevertheless, these themes are very common amongst many people here. One friend and I had a very intense time during the past week. We both agreed that it had to do with the full moon lunar eclipse. I've been a moon watcher from way back, long before I lived in Sedona. The full moons have brought intensity to my emotional experience for most of my life, particularly since the 1990's when I became aware of this. But this past full moon eclipse was one of the most intense experiences yet.

Monday in particular brought about extreme worry and feelings of inadequacy, particularly financially. I could not be a peace and felt acute anxiety for at least three days. Some moments were more settled than others, but the worry and anxiety was near debilitating. I escaped to swim in the creek on afternoon to help. Staying at home felt like an emotional vortex crushing down upon, so I took off for another town for the day. It was clear that my dark emotional state was blocking any creativity I might have and keeping me from accomplishing any of my goals or success in my life. Eventually yesterday brought about more calm and peace as I verified my financial worries were not as bad as imagined and we got further away in time from the intensity of the full moon eclipse.

As Hurricane Faye swept up the east coast of Florida affecting some family members there, I experienced my own inner storm. Feelings of inadequacy lack, impurities consumed my inner life. The astrologers were right. It was a time for the shadow side. Karen Bishop writes that we are done for a long time with that and I hope she is right. It's time for me to get back to creating and writing. I'm more at peace today.

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