Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Struggle and Evolution

It is time to let that go as well, because humanity is going through an incredible transformation process. They’re
going through important changes, and what appears to be a lack of fuel and oil is actually more about new develop-
ments in technology, new energy sources. Instead of using old fossil fuel, it’s about the discovery of new fuel. What
appears to be shortages of food is really about taking a look at how to take care of the biology in a new way, how to
feed it in a new way, how to grow crops in a new, efficient and natural way.

Changes in governments, changes in politics are all part of the process. It is easy to go into fear and worry about
what’s going to happen to the world right now, but this group of angels and humans know it’s just evolution. They
know that the change can appear to be chaotic, but the natural law of evolution and expansion are at work right now,
and you’re participating in it.
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Here is a topic worthy of comment. As I write these blog entries, I know that it is times of insight that promote these writing. But between the times of insight there are often times of difficulty and struggle. Even when I seem to have a breakthrough there is often a period of revisiting the old negative emotional states just to make sure, seemingly, that they have completely cleared. But to have some understanding that evolution is in process is helpful. As individuals we are evolving and changing, giving birth to new selves. The birthing process can be quite painful, especially as we rid ourselves of the old. Perhaps as our new selves evolve there is less and less of the painful process of dying to our old selves, or learning difficult lessons.

I think this is true for us as a human society too. Perhaps this is a really exciting time to be on planet earth. Human evolution as a society is at a maximum rate of change. It is a critical time on planet earth as exhibited by all the changes we've seen in the past 100 years especially. We've had a rapid growth of technology and human population just to name two. To see the whole process is to have hope and some understanding of something greater to come. Indeed, I look forward to the new source of energy, the evolution from fossil fuels. I look forward to a more balance economic system. If these things happen, then we are indeed living in one of the greatest and most trying times of human history.

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