Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mayan Flavor

It seems now that my postings are taking on a distinctive Mayan flavor. It has always been the case that the blog was inspired with Mayan origins, as the name Blue Spectral Eagle represents my Mayan galactic signature. Everyone has a galactic signature based on the Mayan calendar and your date of birth. If you would like to know yours you can go to the Mayan calendar decoder site and enter your birth date to find out. My galactic signature helped to confirm what I already knew about myself, that I am a visionary concerned with global consciousness. I was sort-of stunned when I read my galactic signature for the first time. It was so true.

Most of my Mayan perspective comes from Jose Arguelles, author of The Mayan Factor and credited for bring the term 'harmonic convergence' to the world in 1987 when his book was published. Arguelles sees himself as the re-incarnation of a Mayan king, Pactal Votan, c. 800 C.E. Indeed it seems it is Argelles' life work to keep the message of Pactal Votan alive today at this very crucial time in earth's history. The message and work of the Mayan people is galactic in nature. And if we look closely at the Mayan ruins, pyramids (and the pyramids of ancient Egypt) we can decode the important messages that these truly monumental structures are telling us. These structures are monumental in time and space seeking to awaken the earth inhabitants in this time of shifting consciousness or evolutionary awareness. This message can be translated and decoded. An important part of this is the mayan calendar which in itself sets time from a galactic perspective. What is even more incredible about this is that it sets our moment in time, basically now, on a precipice of an end, and consequently a beginning of a 26,000 year cycle. The anticipated date of this event is winter solstice, 2012. But I don't believe the exact date is so important, but acts as a general signpost, a buoy in the sea of the evolving creative cosmic dream. This is not an arbitrary point on the calendar, but represents a time in which the solar system is returning to planar alignment with the galaxy.

Another aspect of Arguelles' work focuses heavily on the 13-moon calendar, as the ancient Mayans used. He believes it is absolutely crucial for people to stop using the current crooked-in-time Gregorian calendar and that we begin to use the more balanced 13-moon calendar of 28 days per month. He advocates the harmonious rhythms of exactly four weeks per month. Each month always starts on a Sunday and each month always has a Friday the 13th. With 28 days per month and 13 months this equals 364 days, one less than a year. The extra day is made up with a "day out of time" observed during the summer, what is now our Gregorian month of July. The Gregorian calendar is attacked for its stiltedness of variation of monthly lengths between 28 and 31 days. Also for such absurdities as calling the 10th month of the year "October" which actually means 8th month. You will notice other months are misnamed as well. It is argued that this confusion is quite deliberate, to keep the populace veiled from the true cosmic harmonies. How we conceptualize time profoundly affects how we live, the rhythms of life and our connection to the greater cosmos. To return to a society living in awareness of the true cosmic rhythms would have profound implications on people's way of life, inner strength and happiness. Is it hard to imagine what a society adjusted to cosmic frequencies would be like? I would like to call your attention to a group of researchers in NW New Mexico studying native ruins there. This effort is known as The Solstice Project.


Kirelinn said...

It is interesting about the names of the months. It's my understanding that there was a ten month calendar, where October was the 8th month, November the ninth (nova=9) and December the 10th month (deca=10). Then Julius and Augustus Caesar had to have months named after them, during the most pleasant time of the year, of course... July and August.

Keith, RN said...

Yes, those ancient rulers messed with the calendar for their own vanity, no doubt. I'll vote for a change, as long as I get a European six weeks of vacation time each year.

Thanks for sharing all of this, Rick. Your other site, Quantum Cafe, has been linked on my site for a long time now. Welcome to blogger, my friend. You are blog-rolled!

PS: I recommend turning on "word verification" on your comments to save your blog from comment spam.

Miguel said...

I will basically repeat a comment I mistakenly put on an entry below:

The Mayan stuff is interesting, but come on! You don't take that half baked primitive crap seriously do you? And besides the Europeans kicked their ass and they are now assigned to dust bin of history. We have a word for people like that: Losers.

Keith, RN said...

Miguel, you display an insensitivity that's astounding. Do we call Native Americans losers? Maybe you do. Just because a society and culture is defeated by a stronger foe, does that make them losers confined to a historical dust-bin?

Columbus crash-landed and ignorantly thought he was in India. The Roman Empire fell, so I guess they were losers as well. History and human development are a continuum, not a vacuum into which losers are subsumed and winners elevated to superhuman heights.

Every culture that has ever existed on earth owes something to those that came before it. The Mayans made their vast contributions, and the society in which you live was born on the shoulders of those who came before it.

Blue Spectral Eagle said...

miguel, is actually my friend Michael from Saratoga Srings, NY. His comment was more of a joke, as I've come to find out. Otherwise I couldn't understand how anyone could be so ... (I'll leave it at that.)