Monday, January 16, 2006


I'm seeing my life in current circumstances as a resuscitation. I have to re-awaken, to get to know what it is that I am really about. I have to live in the world in such a way as to be happy. It seems impossible at times. So, at the core of this is the belief that it is possible to live life in such a way as to be happy. In fact, I go as far to believe that this is like the primary lesson in life to learn. So many people are unhappy, living each day in drudgery. Life to many is like a prison. We are stuck to bear the burdens that are set before us. But here is a radical thought. Perhaps we are more able to create our world as we like than we realize. That with our thoughts, focus and passion we change, mold and shape our reality. Opportunities and possibilities lie awaiting all around us all the time. When we decide on a direction and purpose, pursue it with passion, then the infinite creative forces of the universe become our co-conspirators in a good way.

To live this way is to awaken to a stream of consciousness within us, that we likely have left ignored or not believed in before. We have to resuscitate ourselves to breathing the streams of light of creation. I know this may seem far out, but the words are only pointing to a particular reality which could be described in many different ways. But in this case I am referring to it as expressed by Master Kirael and described on the website Elven Awakening . In this case my life is an experiment that I must make. I must pursue the dream that I can be happy. I must believe that I can live life with a spiritual reality here on earth, in harmony and peace. I must believe that I can create beauty and harmony as a way of life everyday in my existence.

Sometimes I think it is because I feel too much. I don't seek a rat race as a way of life. I seek to touch my soul to the divine each day, feeling connected to source and energy. I seek quiet and solitude. I seek to be a vision of sanity in what otherwise appears to be an insane world.

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