Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Solstice Project

I wanted to add more comments from my last entry. I kind of abruptly left off talking about The Solstice Project. And since that time I've reviewed the related documentary Mysteries of Chaco Canyon that has been shown on PBS stations. A scientist discovered the significance of the ancient Pueblo ruins one day when observing some slabs of rock specifically placed to mark the high point of the sun each day, noontime. The large rock slabs were placed to allow the formation of a 'sun dagger' shining on a spiral design etched into a rock wall behind the vertical slabs. The documentary calls the spiral design mysterious and notes that on the summer solstice the dagger pierces the center of the spiral. What is revealed about these ancient ruins goes far beyond this one phenomena, however. What is discovered is an entire system of archeological sites in the region that are remarkably built around observations of the movements of the sun and moon, and perhaps more. It appears to be a site of ritual and pilgrimage for the people of that time unifying the earth with the heavens. Some of the contemporary native people interviewed comment that these ruins were built by powerful people with a lot of spiritual power. These people may have been so in tune with natural forces that they were able to control these forces. This power, of course, could also be abused by people and a decision may have been made to not continue this accumulation of knowledge of control of natural forces. As the documentary suggests, this decision may have been a conscious one to shut down the activities of Chaco Canyon, as the structures and buildings appear to have been thoughtfully sealed up and abandoned over a long period of time.

The investigation into Chaco Canyon brings many questions to mind. What is this spiritual knowledge and how is it related to the natural movements of celestrial bodies? If people have had this knowledge in the past, are there any people with this knowledge today, and are they using it? How is this related to our own time system or calendar? Is this the reason behind the stilted or irregular Gregorian calendar as mentioned in an earlier post?

Perhaps the time has come that the abuse of power in our modern industrialized world is as such, that we need to re-awaken this power of natural order to once again bring balance and peace to our world.

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pwax said...

There are some sun dagger-type phenomena to be seen in the rock piles we study in the east. Hope you'll stop by.