Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Treasure Mapping

Of course I'm not the first person to utilize this concept. I've already mentioned Kahu Fred from the Honolulu Church of Light as an inspiration for this technique. In fact, he has outlined a very sophisticated method for visualization, or as he calls it "conscious creation" and has written what he calls The Ten Principles of Conscious Creation. I've also recently discovered that my mother used a similar technique from the Unity Church called "Treasure Mapping." Over Thanksgiving my sister gave me an old Booklet used by mother, now deceased, to treasure map her world. Another source of similar inspiration is Mike Dooley and his daily Notes from the Universe which I enjoy getting via email each morning. As you can see, this concept is definitely out there, and many people are using it. There is even a suggestion from Jose Arguelles, author of The Mayan Factor that at this time in human history, the ability of human beings to use the power of visualization, to use our minds to create is greater now than at any time in the past five thousand years or longer. I would like to write more about Jose Arguelles and his interpretation of the Mayan calendar in future blogs. Here we take on visualization as important for the society, or world for the sake of our human existence on this planet during what is now a critical passage of earth-galactic time. So too, Kahu Fred sees his mission to create peace on earth. So you see, once we realize the power of visualization for ourselves as an individual, we can then begin to use it to reshape our whole human existence, our society of earth. As one South American medicine man said, we should begin to see the earth as a beautiful garden. Wouldn't that be great! If we could overcome this self-centered capitalistic, over-stimulated, commercialized world and turn it into a beautiful garden, where everything and everybody grows in perfect harmonious place.

But, I feel I'm getting way ahead of myself. I need to get back to the individual and talk about how we create vision for ourselves. One of the topics that keeps coming to mind is passion. The more in touch we are with our passion to create, to love and believe in our vision, the more power we give to it to make it come true. Meditation is a good tool for this as well. We can make our visions any time of the day which is encouraged. But to make our visions in a state of deepest intention is even better. I've spent years practicing meditation without the vision. But now I have found the importance of adding vision to the moment of being quiet in touch with source or bliss. It is percisely that moment that we can best bring about our deepest desire for peace and abundance - or whatever it may be.


Thom said...

Hi Rick,

I do this too, I just didn't know there was a name for it. This doesn't happen overnight. The bigger the wish, the more you will need to feed it. I've found that when I focus on something over a period of time, necessary items that benefit that vision will begin to trickle in for me to assemble the 'thing' I envisioned. The 'necessary items' can be anything... money, parts, luck or even friendships.

I've also found if I abandon focus on a vision the process doesn't exactly stop on a dime either. So be careful what you wish for. If you put enough time into it, you might not be able to stop it if you have a change of heart.

Blue Spectral Eagle said...

Really excellent observations Thom. Thanks! Also, I think there are lots of names for this. I even saw a book called "Creative Visualization for Dummies" at Barnes and Noble recently!

Anonymous said...

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