Saturday, November 19, 2005

Awakening to Vision

One of the lowest periods of my life was just prior to June 8th, 2004. I remember that as the date of the Venus transit of the sun. It seemed for some reason to be an important event for me. I anticipated it for some days, perhaps weeks. But otherwise it had been the spring from hell for me. I was working as a mental health outreach worker and feeling quite depressed about it. Some of the clients were very hard to work with, but too the management of the organization was faulty. I was stuck and needed the money to barely scrape by to pay my bills. In fact, I just wanted to die. But for some time I had been looking for inspiration and listening to a webcast called "The Great Shift with Fred Sterling" at What's important about that is that I began to believe I could create my reality, at least mentally and maybe that would have some positive effects. I was writing in my journal each day for many days complaining about my pain and suffering. But some reason on that day of the Venus transit, a rare event, I tried an experiment and began to write a vision for a better life for myself. I wrote with the kind of ferocity that is born of suffering. In fact, my journal writing has not been the same since. I used writing because that was my creative or therapeutic outlet. Later I would advise others to use whatever creative means that comes natural to them to create their own vision. If you are a writer, write; if you are a painter, paint your vision; if you are a singer, sing; etc. I used the written word to see myself happier, living life in a greater connection to a deeper source. I dreamed back to a time when I was happier, in love and had peace of mind enough to sit by the streamside and watch a deer come up to drink. (That really happened to me once when I was meditating by the nearby Mill River.) I took to making practical visions, that I would find another job that I enjoyed and got more pay for working less hours. The remarkable thing is by August changes were happening in my life. My visions were becoming part of reality.

By August I was hired to work at a really nice middle school teaching math in their resource center. I had more free time and I liked the academic hours. The people I was working with at this school were exceptionally nice. I had moved from one of the worst jobs I had ever had, to one of the nicest. And it gave me the opportunity to study and become a certified math teacher. New hope had arrived in my life with a job I actually enjoyed. I continued to write visions or affirmations each morning, but then becoming pressed for time I began to just go back and read selections of my writings that seemed particularly important to me. I also made up visions that I would be an excellent teacher and seen that way at the school by other teachers and staff. It seemed to work as I got plenty of complements for my work. "You really seem to be able to reach the students" one of the other teachers would say. I was quite pleased with this progress.

I was also applying the visioning process to other areas of my life: to remain connected to source, to have freedom and friendship, to make my home quiet and peaceful. Anything that needed fixing became a potential for the visioning process. Healing of the body fit that category nicely too. A knee problem and allergies became a focus during these morning visioning times. There wasn't immediate healing, but I kept up with it for weeks and months before seeing some results. Last season's allergies were the least symptomatic ever! Part of the process was meeting people with interesting solutions to their allergy problems too. The affirmation took the form of I now have all that I need to heal my allergies. My immune system is strong and healthy. My sinuses, nose and respiratory system function with complete health. A key to making good visions is to always state them in the positive, the affirmative. There is a kind of rule attraction at work here. What you think about, you bring to yourself. So think good thoughts to bring good things to you. Conversely, if you think about what you hate, then you draw that which you hate to you.

Today's personal visions I will keep to myself, at least for a while. But I will say after the success I've experienced so far, I'm ready to be much bolder, to really go for the life of my dreams. I hope to be writing here in this blog more about the life of my dreams in posts to come.

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