Friday, November 18, 2005

Getting Up

It's all about getting up. Getting up in the morning, getting up from being unemployed, getting up from feeling down, a little depressed. It's not bad. For some reason I still feel quite hopeful. Having hope has been a new found theme of my life for the past year or so. For the longest time I've been a "victum" of life. I've stoicly accepted or successfully run away from creating the kind of life that I want. I've changed that now, and believe that I can do something to create a new, better life anytime, anywhere. Wow, that is a stretch from just getting up. But is it true? I would like to explain some of my past success in the coming blogs. But I warn you, I might enter into the world of "woo-woo". That is I might get a little new agey, but I might be somewhat scientific or philosophical as well.

I want to talk about world changes too. These are indeed darn crazy times we are living in. Has anyone stopped to notice? Seems people are still running about like chickens with their heads cut off. I want to provoke greater social consciousness. So it seems I want to introduce the power of vision for the individual and for society. My cousin asked me to write a book on how to use affirmations or what I like to call a visioning process to help people. I liked the idea, and I have a few ideas. My ego has soared at times with the thought that I want to be a visionary for this new millennium, as that is what is badly needed. And so too I really want to affect social consciousness for the better. I'm a big dreamer. And just to show how these things make for syncronisity, someone came to visit and reminded me of my interest in the Mayan Calendar. He asked me what my galactic signature was. I didn't know so we looked it up. And so it is that my galactic signature is Blue Spectral Eagle. Then, I was somewhat astonished to read that the primary qualities of a Blue Spectral Eagle are visionary and raising social consciousness. Suddenly I felt more empowered to pursue my mission, to activate that which I feel inside of me: to be a visionary.

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Miguel said...

You seem like an interesting fella Rick.

But that Mayan stuff seems a little wierd to me. They can't be that hot or else God would have stopped the Europeans from kicking their ass and wiping out their civilization.