Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inspired Always, Staying in Alignment

What would the world be like if everyone made it a priority to be happy? Right now, that is the commitment I am making to myself. It's not an egoistic sense of happiness, having all my worldly desires being fulfilled, but rather an alignment of my desires with a higher order of things. While I set myself towards this goal a few days ago, I found Wayne Dyer's book, Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling just the other day at the library. It speaks of what it means to live an inspired life. It speaks to me and says, I must learn to always live an inspired life.

I haven't yet finished the book. I've just started. But from what I gather so far, living an inspired life is possible, every day. Living an inspired life means being close to the natural creative source within. It is the opposite of struggling to accomplish things with the ego. The inspired life opens us up to possibilities, provides consciousness, nurtures and supports us from a greater intelligence that we couldn't possibly manage on our own. Our ego selves have long taught us that we are alone, and we must struggle to make it on our own. Our inspired selves are connected to everything in the world, the universe. Being inspired is being alive, happy and in love with our lives.

Today I seek inspiration in every moment of my life. I hope you see the importance of that too. Imagine if we all did that. Imagine living in an inspired world.

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