Friday, May 22, 2009

Inspiration in the New Economy

With the current economic recession, many people are presented with economic challenges these days. As you are surely aware by now, individuals and families in great numbers are dealing with financial loss, unemployment and financial hardship in general. Our business leaders and financial institutions may have failed us in their stewardship and responsibility to society and their care for the common everyday man or woman. How long will this situation go on? It could be that we may see a recovery in the remainder of this year, or perhaps the situation is far worse than our leaders are letting us know. How can we respond to this as individuals? How can the struggling hourly paid or salaried worker hope to get their head above water again? Whatever the larger institutional woes we have coming down the pipe, I believe there is hope and opportunity for those willing to be open to the resourcefulness and natural intelligence that lies within each of us.

In fact, this shift in the way we do business may be at the core of what is needed right now. Perhaps for too long we have, as workers, depended on the corporate employer to provide for many us. All along many employees have felt disconnected from who they are and what their jobs are. Many people get into a situation where they don’t like their jobs, but feel like they can’t afford to quit. But nowadays the quitting part may become involuntary. This may present the opportunity to reinvent oneself into what one has always wanted to be. But, “How could I ever be that artist, writer, craftsperson, etc., that I’ve always wanted to be?” As you ask that question, there may be a confirming fear and resistance to believe that you can live a much better life, truer to who you are. The answer lies in arming yourself in the power of faith, ideas and the knowledge of the universal intelligence available to you.

I am struck how the depression era classic Think and Grow Rich drives this point home, and is just as pertinent today, as it was back then. The author, Napoleon Hill, talks about how people are in great need to find wealth and abundance in their lives during these hard economic times. The resources to find just that are our own burning determination, having a plan or idea (which we remind ourselves of each day) and auto-suggestion to our subconscious minds. This last part is actually very important, and fascinating that it was articulated as such over 80 years ago. Napoleon Hill makes the case that many of the great industrial leaders of his time, such as Andrew Carnegie, used such mind techniques. And to me, the belief and awareness of the subconscious mind working for us, is a huge relief. It means we are connected to a greater creative intelligence to help solve our problems and create what we want. Some contemporary quantum physicists would support ideas Hill wrote about years ago.

The economic challenge of the day may well be a challenge to step from the old world to a new world and way of doing things. The challenge is to have faith in ourselves, be who we want to be, and to create our lives as we want them to be. What really could be more satisfying than that? Part of the great resistance is thinking and believing in our new selves. If we have always held the belief that life is supposed to be a struggle, and we have to work hard for our daily bread, then it may be very hard to adapt a vision of greater wealth and harmony with our new work life. But with some practice we can re-work the wiring in our brains to allow for the possibility. We can allow for the possibility of our personal economies changing in our favor, with new positive changes in the way we earn money. And these changes are best made with a strong determination or burning desire.

For many people, a life free from the five day, eight hour a day work week is desirable. Working from home at one’s own schedule is highly desirable. This is not self-serving especially for parents who have to juggle family responsibilities. For some, life is completely consumed by a work schedule, waking up, going to work, coming home to watch TV to just do it all over again. A positive change of routine could vastly improve the health and well-being for these people. Having time for self-care such as exercise, nutrition and recreation are important aspects to a well-balanced life. When the individuals of our society are healthier, then the society as a whole becomes healthier. We all benefit.

As our economy changes, see how you might benefit from a new personal economy. Think about what product or service you might be able to offer. Formulate your idea of what you can offer and what you would like to receive in return. Have a strong burning desire to succeed. Utilize the subconscious mind by auto-suggestion to help bring in the inspiration, intuitive nudges, and opportunities to you. Act out of faith and determination that you can make this change to your new life. Maintain a greater sense of who you are, what you can offer the world. Feel a greater sense of self-integration and happiness. It’s all a wonderful learning experience of life!
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