Monday, May 22, 2006

Writer's Retreat

I see my world transforming in front of my eyes. I thought that being so involved in my transition, moving out of my apartment, I wouldn't have time to write. But as it so happens I see the necessity and inspiration to create a vision now. You see, I am "dissolving in order to create" right now, as my Mayan inspiration teaches me. Also, as my last blog entry spoke of the importance of feeling happiness or joy to effect successful creation, I now hope to add further clarity of vision for myself. I've decided that I want to be on a writer's retreat. I want to be in a place that will allow me to have peace and quiet and have free time to contemplate, study and write. It would be the manifestation of pure creative energy. Within a period of six months or a year, I will then have produced a book. The Title of my new book is Vision for a New Age©. The book will be a weave of different topics from the mystical and ancient to the political and scientific. Time to live my dream and live up to my highest potential.

I believe I have successfully completed whatever situation I am presently departing. Along with remembering to cultivate inner joy and happiness, this surely means that a true manifestation of my dreams is underway. An old chapter of my life has completed and I'm embarking on a new chapter. In this chapter I explore sustenance from a deeply spiritual truth. I seek a full integration of my inner-most being, my higher self with my being in this physical three dimensional reality. As I begin to describe my vision, I realize that I have been working on it and discussing it for several months. Since last December I have a friend with whom we both shared our visions. We talked, chatted over the internet, sharing the same sort of philosophy about manifesting our desires and being truly happy. I think she's done a really great job. As it seems the time for discussing our visions has passed the past few months, and since the eclipses and equinox it has become a time of manifestation. Karen Bishop writessimilarr thoughts on her website She describes our progression as being in a current lull. "During this current lull, we can bask and rest and perhaps gather more information for our New roles. In June and especially July and August, a New energy surge will arrive that will create the wave that will support the creations and manifestations of these very New roles."

I definitely know what I want my new role to be.

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Keith, RN said...

I'm so excited for you, Rick! Many blessings on the continuing journey.