Saturday, April 29, 2006

Living in the Highest Light

I've discovered one of the keys to manifesting desires and conscious creation. And as I explained to my friends at dinner last night, that key is none other than "happiness". I know that the Buddha taught that one of the greatest paths to enlightenment was happiness. Not that happiness itself is enlightenment, but if we can somehow train our minds or create the conditions in our world that brings us happiness, then we are poised to open up the way to living our lives more to our liking. Indeed through happiness we can achieve our desires and bring the highest possibilities to us. This 'higher' emotional state draws energy and people towards us, creates notice from others and blesses us with more abundance. I've been one of the worst, to tell the truth, in getting stuck in some distressed mind-state, worried and repulsed by some unwanted experience or condition in my life. The worrying and pushing away only brings the unwanted experience back to us again. But as I have learned, it is imperative that we lift ourselves from the gross or dark emotional state, finding gratitude, hope and happiness in our experience. We have to insist on it every day, even if it means drastically changing our world as we know it. In fact, I am fearlessly and courageously moving forward, being willing to sacrifice great loss or whatever it takes to feel the peace, joy and happiness of life each day.

Dying to the old is part of the process, part of the process of life. For example I started to sell my book collection recently. I have some books I've held onto since college, having graduated with a degree in Philosophy in 1987. I figure having saved these books for this long, and I still haven't read them, I think I can safely get rid of them. So, I've listed a number of books on sale on I've made a little bit of money. But in the mean-time the act of giving up this old part of my life has created something new. The experience has brought new hope of doing more internet sales, as this experience is opening up to new opportunities. There are hidden opportunities everywhere I believe. If only we are willing to move, change and offer up our old selves to the past. If we do this do this with joy, love, happiness and/or gratitude then we are operating in the world at our highest vibration. We become like a creative wizard, manifesting our world.

I was stuck recently feeling really unhappy with a situation that I thought I could never change. Living in an apartment with an upstairs neighbor who mercilessly would pace, pound, walk about at all hours of the day and night, I was in complete misery. My world had become a nightmare that I couldn't see an escape. Since I am a highly sensitive person, this situation really bothered me, . The only affirmation in this emotionally dark time was I now have mastery over my world. I believe this affirmation brought me to Barnes & Noble one evening to develop a new and even more powerful affirmation or mantra. At the new age section, I was immediately drawn to Esther and Jerry Hick's book Ask and It is Given. This book drove the point home to me that the reason we are not creating what we want is because we are not centered in our joy. The book also listed an emotional scale, advising even if we are feeling the lowest of emotions, such as depression, we might benefit by shifting to anger, as being a bit higher on the scale. Only we could know if that was the case. Many techniques are offered in the book for raising our emotional state, or raising our vibrational level. One such technique is having an appreciation bonanza. Basically looking everywhere for anything to appreciate, to be grateful. But for me, leaving B&N that evening seemed to have left me with the mantra to chant Living in the Highest Vibration. This I sang in the car on the way home. This I sang again the next time the upstairs neighbor began pacing above me again. Miraculously, she left the apartment the next day and didn't return for several nights. Since then she has been away a lot more often and I've been able to sleep much better at night.. There has truly been a shift in conditions as well as a shift in my thoughts and feelings.

I truly believe we must give attention and focus to our emotional and spiritual selves each day and each moment to succeed in this creative source centered mastery. We must work to raise our vibration in relationship to every experience. This is an excellent point for those working to shift from the old matrix world that we have been living in to open up to a life sustained by the new energies of the emerging new world. As we evolve to what is referred to as the Hopi's fifth world, a new dimension of spiritual reality sets in. For some of us we drop from our old methods of support, the matrix, which has never worked well for us anyway, to the support of creative source-centered mastery. In this way we come to fuller integration of our being which has been kept from us for much too long. I no longer place limits on my happiness. I affirm I am living in the highest vibration, the highest light.

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