Monday, June 29, 2009

Meditation for the Ills of the Mind

Do you have a meditation practice of sitting still, perhaps cross legged on a pillow, and observing your mind, thoughts and emotions? I’ve been practicing for years, but sometimes I fall out of practice.

I had recently gone through a couple of weeks of feeling anxious and unhappy. I noticed my mind going to recurring unpleasant thoughts that I didn’t want to have. I tried telling myself “cancel” or “gone” but that was only helping marginally. Finally I got around to boosting my daily meditation practice to a couple of times per day. That was cause for a real shift towards feeling happy.

I’ve been trained in Buddhist meditation for many years. I love it, frankly. I’ve been on several long meditation retreats and in my mid twenties traveled to India and lived amongst the cave dwelling swamis in the Himalayas. At that time, an energy burned like a flame within my heart. I know from experience that meditation can do a great deal to transform our lives in a healthy way and re-connect us to our spiritual source. It takes a bit of effort and dedication. It is also a practice that is easy to neglect or forget.

I also get a free daily guided meditation emailed to me from Rich German. It’s a good reminder and helps me get into it each day.

Since I’ve made a re-commitment to meditation. I have been having a lot more fun. I”m happier and drawing more pleasant experiences to me. I think there may be something about this time period, of change and upheaval, that calls for meditation even more. I’m feeling confident these days that I can soak it all in, be with the experience and still find a spacious peaceful state within.

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